Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a BFA photographer?

Please contact our bookings department directly by emailing or by calling our office at 1-212-924-4250.

Why can't I view certain events?

Some events BFA shoots are private on the site at the request of the client.  Only clients who have been given specific permissions will be able to view these private events.

My name is spelled incorrectly on can I get that fixed?

Sorry about that!  Our photographer must have heard you incorrectly.  Please send correct spelling(s) along with the Image ID #(s) associated with the photo(s) (ie 592767) to

How do I tag myself on a BFA image?

Please email with the correct spelling of your name and the Image ID # that corresponds with the exact photo you would like your name added to.

How do I hire BFA for an event I am planning?

Please visit the "Book Us" link on our site or email

Does BFA offer video services?

Totes.  We have an amazing video team.  Please email for examples and package rates.

Does BFA shoot on film or digital?

Digital.  All BFA photographers shoot with high-end professional DSL camera systems.

Can I publish BFA images on my website, in my print magazine or on my blog?

As a professional photo agency we require that you retain the proper usage rights before posting or printing our photos.  We offer a range of automated licensing options for direct download from our site including: Web Usage (72 DPI) and Print Usage (300 DPI).

How much do BFA images cost to license?

Our rates are generated through the download pricing module which will appear when the "Purchase" button is pressed below a thumbnail photo on the site.  

Does BFA represent actors or models?

Nopers.  We are an event photography agency and do not represent the talent that we shoot.

Does BFA have photographers in Los Angeles or any other city besides New York City?

Si.  BFA has recently expanded to the Los Angeles area.  Please inquire about our global network of associate photographers as well.

Can I hire a BFA photographer to travel overseas?

Totes. Will travel.

Is there an hourly minimum to hire a BFA photographer?

No, BUT a higher hourly rate will apply for bookings requiring one hour or less.

How do I become a BFA photographer?

Send your resume to

Can I hire a BFA photographer for social media purposes only?

Yes you can.  Please email for rates and availability.

How do I connect to the BFA Instagram ( @BFA_NYC )

Click or Ticket!

When I hire BFA to shoot an event, do I own the copyright of those photos?

Sorry Charlie, BFA retains all copyright on the images taken by it's photographers at events.

If I hire BFA for an event, can I send the high resolution images to press outlets to run for free?

Not unless you purchase PR Usage rights.  Please contact for details.

How do I download my event?

If you have hired BFA for your event you will be emailed permissions to view and download accordingly once the event is posted to the site.

Do I have to send a messenger to grab a disk of images the next day after my event?

Welcome to the directly from our site no matter where you are.  We will send you an email with clear instructions.  Avoid the hassle of sending a messenger.

I have a question about an invoice that was sent to me.

Please email

Is there a way to have my photo(s) removed from the BFA website?

Sure but why wouldn't you want the world to see you in a gorilla suit doing Svedka shots off your best buddy's bottom?!  But for if you have any such emergencies. ...and please supply the applicable Image ID #(s).

I've requested to have my photo(s) removed from the BFA website and they still appear on Google when I search my name?

It does take some time before Google refreshes it's photo results cache.  After some time your photo will no longer be a visible in a search query.

Does BFA stand for Balloon Federation of America?